Sensual Seductive Humiliatrix Marlie

It’s funny really because most men don’t even know they are really being controlled until I let it be known.  By flaunting my breasts and firm ass they think I’m just being a tease, but I’m really training their minds for something much more seductive. For me, it’s easy to bring you to that point where you’re unsure of how to proceed. You’ve always thought you had ultimate control over your life but then you met a sensual domination phone sex mistress MARLIE 1-888-708-8821
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and all of your limits went out the window. Now you’re just strokes away from being my slave.
My curvy physique and sensuous voice have captivated you and made you a slave in your own mind. Everything you once knew is no longer true. Your soul, body, and mind all belong to me.
. You had no direction and your cock was just there for anyone to use.

$1.99 minute 1-888-708-8821 Marlie

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